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Eggceptional Match: Inside the Miraculous World of Assisted Reproduction

Angela Bevill, RN, BSN, began her journey into the world of assisted reproduction after starting her own family. Subsequently she joined a Denver-based fertility clinic and saw the need for alternative options for conception.

That’s when she started her own agency, An Eggceptional Match, to facilitate the meeting of prospective parents with egg donors and gestational carriers. Throughout the years Angela has witnessed many miraculous stories of An Eggceptional Match.

This book shares those stories. In an Eggceptional Match You’ll hear the inspiring stories of mothers, surrogates, and egg donors whose lives were touched and changed through the miraculous world of assisted reproduction.

Insider's Guide to Egg Donation: A Compassionate and Comprehensive Guide For All Parents-to-Be

Demos Health is proud to announce the publication of the Insider's Guide to Egg Donation: A Compassionate and Comprehensive Guide for all Parents-to-Be

Insider's Guide to Egg Donation is the first how-to-handbook that helps families of all types navigate the less talked about but widely practiced egg donor landscape. In a warm and friendly tone families needing a different kind of stork will get the answers and information they need as they begin to research family-building options. This book will educate you on:

  • The medical process of using an egg donor
  • The latest reproductive medicine technologies
  • What to consider when choosing a fertility clinic
  • What to consider when researching egg donor agencies