Intended Parents :: Financials

Agency Fee

$5,400.00. A $1,000.00 deposit from this amount is due immediately to reserve your Donor. $500 is earned upon conditional non-medical approval of your selected donor by your IVF Physician. Another $500 is earned after commencement of medical screening. The remainder of the agency fee in the amount of $4,400.00 is not earned until your selected donor has received full medical and psychological clearance as determined by your IVF Physician and has started her injectable medications. International client or split cycle case management to be considered on a case by case basis. Portions of the Agency fee are refundable or transferrable to alternative donors in certain circumstances. Refer to your Agency agreement for details.

  • Intended Parents may place a Donor on a courtesy hold for no more than seventy two (72) consecutive hours without financial obligation. Agency will contact your Donor of choice to verify her availability and to confirm a ‘preliminary match’. Upon preliminary match confirmation the first payment is due. If no payment is received within the seventy two (72) hour courtesy period and confirmation of a ‘preliminary match’ the Donor will be made available to other Intended Parents.
  • Once a preliminary match is confirmed the Agency will contact your IVF Physician to commence coordination of your Egg Donor cycle.
  • The deposit amount is refundable in full if your chosen Donor does not receive conditional non-medical approval from your IVF physician based on your chosen Donors profile and medical records (if available).
  • Donor status will change to ‘In Cycle’ after conditional non-medical approval, receipt of first payment and Agency Agreement.
  • Agency will coordinate initial medical screening of your Donor as required by your chosen IVF physician.
  • Agency will coordinate required Donor psychological evaluation and standard MMPI, PAI, or 16PF testing as required by your chosen IVF physician.
  • Legal Clearance - the Agency will provide referrals of legal counsel specializing in assisted reproduction to Donor and prospective parents in order to obtain Legal Clearance prior to Donor starting prescribed injectable medications, as required by your IVF Physician.
  • Coordination and scheduling of donor monitoring appointments after commencement of injectable medications.
  • Agency will purchase complications insurance on behalf of the egg donor and recipient in order to protect intended parents from financial loss for any medical cycle related complications. Complications insurance coverage does not cover diagnostics or IVF treatment.
  • Management of donor payments according to the considerations schedule of the Ovum Donation agreement.
  • Cycle updates to Intended Parents.
  • Post cycle follow ups.
  • Assistance with post cycle records transfers for embryo donation.
  • Fees also cover advertising expenses exercised to recruit our high quality donors, administrative expenses, file handling and archival, records maintenance, and other business related expenses.
A Second Chance Program
If you complete an entire cycle with An Angel's Gift, Inc. and it does not result in a viable pregnancy and birth, AAG will match you for one more cycle for half the agency fee. Agency Retainer, donor compensation, and trust account fees for cycle related expenses will still apply.
Donor Compensation

$3,000.00 - $10,000.00 - due ten (10) days before donor starts injectable medications

Other cycle related expenses: Please contact our office for a quote specific to your situation and chosen donor.


Cycle Related Expenses : $2,770.00 - $15,794.00

  • Donor Legal Counsel : $400.00 - $650.00
  • Prospective Parent Legal Counsel : $750.00 - $1,500.00
  • Donor Psychological Evaluation (may not need to be repeated for experienced donors) : $425.00 - $600.00
  • Donor and/or Recipient Medical/Accidental/Life Insurance : $340.00 - $480.00
  • Genetic Testing is typically performed at your IVF clinic and not arranged through the Agency.
  • Intended Parents chosen IVF Physician: NOT COVERED – Please contact your IVF clinic
  • Fertility Medications: NOT COVERED – Please contact your IVF clinic

Miscellaneous Donor Expense reimbursements & Donor Background Check (if selected) : $1,000.00 deposit*

  • Reimbursement deposit for your donors Childcare, Pet sitting, mileage, over the counter or prescribed medications, etc

Travel Expenses for Out of State Donors : $6,000.00 deposit*

  • Airfare, Hotel, Per Diem, Rental Vehicle, and other travel expenses : $3,000.00 deposit*
  • Medical Screening (Donor Eligibility) and Medical Monitoring (Blood Work and Ultrasounds after commencement of injectable medications) local to Donor: $3,000.00 deposit*

* Any remaining unused funds from deposit amounts for donor expense reimbursements, travel, or medical appointments will be returned to the intended parents within sixty (60) days of completion or cancellation of the egg donation cycle. Intended parents will be responsible for replenishing the out of state trust account in the event that expenses will foreseeably exceed the amount supplied. An Angel's Gift, Inc., will take every measure possible to keep costs to a minimum when considering airfare, hotel, and similar expenses within our control.

Variable Agency Fees

  • Skype Conference Calls : $17.50 per half hour minimum + variable Skype charges per minute X participants respective to their location.
Agency Fees Refund Policy
  • The Agency Fee is refundable in part or in whole under many circumstances. Contact an Agency representative for details.

All costs are estimates and are subject to change at any time. Intended Parents are responsible for all fees and expenses incurred for services not coordinated through the agency.

Accepted Forms of Payment
  • Money Order
  • Checks
  • Bank Wire
  • Credit Card